Friday, 18 August 2017

An Almost Too Romantic Fruit

Hugh doesn’t quite have a vineyard, but his pride and joy at the moment is his abundant grape infused encrusted patio …….
a1When he first saw it, Darrell admitted that he had thought Hugh had got “his man that does” to hang some grapes of an artificial flower arranging type nature to look a bit like one of Hugh’s stage sets ………
a2……. but, no, Hugh had managed to grow proper green and black grapes, which made it look all the more exotic and romantic, especially at night when it was all lit up by a million fairy lights. When dining alfresco Darrell said that it was like being in a foreign clime, especially when Hugh got his chiminea going, while playing his Best of Demis Roussos CD. a3Hugh wasn’t sure if there would be enough fruit to “tread the grape”,  but if there was, well it would have to be champagne, naturally Darling, …….another impossibly heady and romantic notion for Darrell, he had visions of Hugh, Nigel and himself, socks strewn with gay abandon outside a large barrel with said company treading the aforementioned grape with unbridled kindred spirit!
a4Whatever is he like, goodness only knows where Darrell gets his wild imagination and unusual turn of phrase from!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Hugh Becomes A Dad Again …….

Darrell said that Hugh, his best friend and mentor who is currently on sabbatical from the glitz and glamour of his showbiz life, exchanging it for a summer of weekends on the Worcester Village Show circuit, was on the doorstep anxiously awaiting Darrell’s arrival as he had something very exciting to tell him ……..
IMG_4290Hugh had had a new baby, in the traditional of Elton John  ….. but in puppy form, as Hugh doesn’t really do baby babies …….
2……. her name is Hetty, a little Basset, just like Hugh’s other two dogs.
IMG_4083Hugh admitted to being a little tired, as all new fathers, especially as he had decided on this occasion not to get a Norland Nanny for Hetty, as he had for the other two, so he’d been up for the midnight wee, the three o’clock poo and then spent the night waking at the tiniest whimper and then watching Hetty breathe if she went quiet.
IMG_4128Darrell had to agree that Hetty was very, very, very cute, and he said he’d felt himself going a bit mumsie too, but in a fatherly type way, what is he like?
IMG_4085Nigel would have gone absolutely spare if he had seen Hetty, but it was important, said Hugh, that Hetty was kept calm, as he had just started to gently introduce her to Lottie and Picalil ……….
……. and les chickens!
IMG_4236It was emotional.  Darrell did wonder whether he should offer to give Hugh a break and do the midnight wee, but then decided that Hugh would only get up and go with him anyway!   Happy Days!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Cocktails at Moo Moos

Darrell is just off to spend a few days with Hugh, his best friend and mentor at his Worcester countryside bolt hole, Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup and though we have a most comprehensive cocktail cabinet, it is Darrell who is the real cocktail wizard ……. I have to admit that when it comes to mixing a cocktail Nigel and I are strangers to “zeeeee ‘art”
IMG_4058So, it is reassuring to know that if, in Darrell’s absence, we fancy a slow saunter into town one of the evenings, fancying something of a treat we can pop into Moo Moos for liquid refreshment, at a very reasonable price.
IMG_4059We may also take a few notes, because to the best of our knowledge Darrell hasn’t plied us with made us a Raspberry Kiss or a Ray Ray …….. which sound very tempting ……. and, if we do decide to avail ourselves of one or two and enjoy them, we can pass the recipe on to Darrell to try when he gets back!  It’s a win, win situation!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Ooooooops sorry no post today ......... someone forgot!!!

Monday, 14 August 2017

An Unusual Sort Of Biscuit ……

Darrell found a most unusual packet of biscuits the other day that we certainly could not allow to go un-nibbled and unsampled by our discerning palettes.
IMG_4060Now, we very much appreciate a chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, and rice crisp type combo in a biscuit, but then to add advocaat, is that a step to far?
……. it could be quite a potent combination.
IMG_4062Our consumption of said alcoholic tipple is pretty much limited to the odd festive snowball, and is, to be honest considered to be an old fashioned and unfashionable drink at the moment (but could be the next big thing since flavoured cider, you never know), but if anything, the arrival of the biscuits served as a timely reminder that we really ought to finish the bottle that we opened this Christmas. IMG_4061We have to say that you could certainly smell 1% of “alcohol” contained within as soon as we opened the packet…….
IMG_4069…… and you could certainly taste it.  We have to admit that though dubious at first we really loved them ……….. in fact they were exceedingly moreish ……. and slightly shame faced,  we have to admit to polishing off the whole packet in one fowl foul fell swoop!
Without the said advocaat the ingredients already ticked most of our biscuit boxes, but its addition was an inspired touch! Another Perfect 10, the second in a week, which in itself must be a record for us!
IMG_4072We shall certainly be buying more. Would it be overkill to serve them as an aperitif to/with a snowball at Christmas? We might have to debate that one a little. But we do know that Hugh, Darrell’s best friend and mentor, who leads the showbiz life in Notting Hill, would greatly appreciate a packet or two, as an amuse bouche at one of his intimate London soirees, especially as we don’t think he would be able to find them, even in his exclusive emporium of choice Harolds!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Nigel’s Swanlings

Nigel’s swanlings continue to do well, in fact, they appear to be really thriving …….
IMG_3877……. and last night there was much excitement when Nigel spotted that they had even ventured up river as far as The Towers ……
It was emotional …….
IMG_3875But then …….  it got to Nigel doing some really deep pondering ………
IMG_3878……. in our year by the river he said that he had seen lots of various ducks and their ducklings, as well as his beloved swans and their swanlings …….
IMG_3436…….. but he can’t ever remember seeing any of the Canada geese with their baby gooslings ……. and we have a lot!
IMG_3437He also noted that they also seem to be roughly the same size ……. do they, he wondered, go back to Canada to have their babies and then leave them there, after that, he said his brain hurt! What is he like?  Mr D?

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Darrell Reaps The Benefit ……

Following on from yesterday and the sad demise of our beloved personalised bank card, Darrell, it has to be said, has been reaping the fringe benefits offered by our new bank of choice …. with, it seems, interest!IMG_4044Nigel and I decided to let him choose, from twenty-five on offer, an annual subscription of a magazine type nature as I much prefer a good book to a magazine and neither of Nigel’s favourites, Take A Break or Heat were on the list!
IMG_4046After much deliberation, Darrell finally chose Cosmopolitan, also, spookily enough, his favourite cocktail!  I think it was a most excellent choice, not only has it kept him very quiet and absorbed in catching up on the latest trends for faux freckles, glitter for your Prosecco and bambi posing,  not to mention the potential embarrassment connected to under bum tanning and chafing ……. I can see Mr D doing quite a bit of research on that little lot!
IMG_4048Not only that, but, he’s also had free samples of coconut oil conditioning shampoo for promoting strong roots and healthy strands plus some phytoclear intense pre shampoo scrub. It’s a win win situation, especially for Darrell who always very much appreciates a quality hair grooming product, what is he like?

Friday, 11 August 2017

Time To Switch …… But With A Small Regret

We have resisted the pressure for a very long time, but after a bit of a debate at The Towers,  we finally decided that it was time to switch banks, in some ways it was a very easy decision to make of a purely financial type nature ……. but there was one regret …………….
IMG_4049……. and that was, sadly, giving up our beloved personalised bank card ……
IMG_4051……. it was totally unique, because we were on it, we’ve aged a bit since we first came up with the design and it has also seen us through many years of happy considered purchasing and the not quite so joyous paying of bills……
IMG_4053……. regretfully, it is a service our new bank does not offer, so now we will just have to go back to being ordinary again when we go about our business …. but we will always keep it as a happy memory…….. and, if our new bank doesn’t work out, well, there’s nothing to stop us from going back …….

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Sorry, It Just Looks Common!

Last night, as he was preparing a small nocturnal night cap, Darrell casually remarked that  the latest en-trend trend in the cocktail world is the Baked Bean Tin Cocktail Cup …….
IMG_4039…… and to illustrate the point, he served our said night cap accordingly.  To be honest, I thought that he was just winding me up, and so was determined that I was not going to be the butt of his and Nigel’s little joke …… but I am afraid that I had to eat humble pie …….
Picture1……. after a bit of discrete Googling under the cushion, I soon discovered that they really are as de  rigueur as Darrell said!  Well, I was totally taken aback ……
IMG_4040……. and they aint cheap either! However, bless him, Darrell had actually used our old bean/spaghetti hoop tins for ours!
IMG_4042However, I don’t care how a la mode they are,  I just think they look common.  We have a beautiful cocktail cabinet full of lovely glasses for all cocktails and for all occasions, but to now add three baked bean tins is just embarrassing and, dare I say, sacrilege  ….. goodness only knows what the next fad will be …… salt and pepper pot shorts ……???

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Nigel Meets The Wiggles ……. All Be It Behind The Camera

Iris and Bertie love The Wiggles, and for us, after a hard day of playing shops, cafes and endless puppet shows, as well as feeding, changing and making sure there is a potty always within easy reach, watching The Wiggles is a perfect way to wind down before The Lovely Laura returns home from work.
VuH6M4fFSo imagine our excitement when Lucy said she’d got tickets for Bertie and Iris to see The Wiggles in “real life” and would one of us like to go as well. Well, we all wanted to go, but after several very serious and competitive games of heads and tails, Nigel emerged the victor!  He was so excited, I suspect even more so than Iris and Bertie, as he knows all the words and actions to all of their songs.
Copy of IMG_3886As an auditor Lucy had the day organised to the second, and then something happened to turn it upside down, as they were approaching the theatre Lucy thought she saw Anthony Wiggle …… now, what does one do in such a situation, just be discrete and say “That looks like Anthony Wiggle” or bellow “Anthony” as loud as you can to attract his attention …….. well, Nigel opted for the later, there was no way he was going to miss out on the chance meeting of a Wiggle!
Copy of IMG_3887Anthony turned round and was so lovely, despite being in the middle of a baked potato and beans, which he said he loved, but couldn’t get in Australia and clutching a big bag of medicational stuff for his poorly arm, which Lucy was very knowledgeable about, as she, it seems follows The Wiggles on Facebook!  But, as this was Iris and Bertie’s day, Nigel for once, did not hog the limelight but instead took the pictures, even if his hands were shaking a little.
IMG_3890Once inside the theatre Nigel said the excitement was both tangible and robustly palpable.
He did feel a little overdressed, but Iris, resplendent in her yellow Emma bow, had chosen his clothes specially for the day and he didn’t want to upset her.
Iris and Bertie were almost at bursting point when all of a sudden the lights went down, the music started  ……… and there were The Wiggles………..
Nigel said they were just too brilliant for words ………. they sang all his (as well as Bertie’s and Iris’s) favourite songs and Wags The Dog, Dorothy The Dinosaur and Henry The Octopus were there too, however Captain Feathersword was an interloper, and not the one from the tele, but that really didn’t matter.
All too soon it was over, and Lucy was much thanked for her kind thought and getting everyone there, but now it was time to go home ……..
……… but just as they got outside, Lucy again noticed a few people gathered to the side of the theatre, there was a little debate, should they just carry on and get the babies home or risk the rush hour traffic and see if they could meet any of the other Wiggles, most importantly Emma for Iris ……. in the end they decided that it was an opportunity they would never ever have again …. so the joined the other people.
IMG_3932It was a risk well worth taking, first they met Simon, the operatic Wiggle, he was soooooooooooooo lovely and made a big fuss of Bertie …….
IMG_3934…….. and then, altogether came Lachy and Emma with Anthony, who remembered them!  Iris was a little star struck, all she could say was “Emma’s beautiful” with a little sigh and that “Emma wasn’t wearing her bow”
What a day …….. they say you should never meet your heroes ……. well, on this occasion Nigel, Iris and Bertie would beg to differ!