Monday, 20 November 2017

Nigel Spots A Modern Antique!

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by Nigel that almost all the charity shops of Evesham have received a whole plethora of unwanted, donated Christmas trees, especially the one on the corner on the road to The Towers, which has no less than four boxed trees in the window.
IMG_5665And there is one in particular that has caught his eye, as it came from Woolworths, which went in to administration back in 2008, although it seems an awful lot longer than that.
As an avid watcher of the Antiques Roadshow on a Sunday night, Nigel thought that the tree, still in its original box (which is always an important factor when an item is  being valued) would probably precede the sad demise of Woolworths by several years and would therefore be almost an antique and logically …….. valuable!
He came home in a quandary as to whether to make a considered purchase of the tree  and then find out when said Antiques Roadshow. preferably the “Christmas Special” was recording, as no doubt the tree would have a great nostalgic interest as a “modern antique” and be featured.
IMG_5669  …… And, if it was as valuable as Nigel anticipated, he had already worked out what he would say as the valuation sank in ………. which certainly wasn’t going to be that it wasn’t going to be sold. but was going to stay in the family ……. to be enjoyed for many years to come …… oh no, Nigel was going to ask for the phone number of Bonhams or Sothebys ……… what is he like?

Sunday, 19 November 2017

A Retro Delicacy To Look Forward To ……..

Darrell spotted something in a poundshop the other day that he thinks was quite a delicacy in the olden days, but which has fallen out of favour in recent times …….. a bit like Findus Crispy Pancakes or a Vesta Chow Mein!
I can confirm that there is now a Fray Bentos minced beef tinned pie gracing our kitchen cupboard, with Darrell proclaiming that we are in for a right royal treat as he is planning a special retro meal to help brighten up our cold November nights. I am now fearing what the accompanying pudding might be, as I can remember the tapioca pudding of my youth, otherwise known as gubby lumps or frog spawn …… I am girding my loins …… and digestive system in …. erm …… culinary anticipation!!!  

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Autumn Pumpkins Akimbo

Iris was desperate for her beloved Uncle Nigel to go with her to her Nursery Autumn Festival ………
……. let’s just say ……. he found it both magical and emotional!
Everyone had been invited to send in a decorated pumpkin which were then all lit up and put in the courtyard and along the paths in The Meadow where the children play and learn about nature.
Our effort was a very simple affair, however having seen how high the bar had been set by others, next year, when Bertie will have also started nursery, Nigel said he was determined to try to give a better account of our carving skills!!!
Iris and Nigel walked hand in hand as they made sure they looked at every single pumpkin that had been laid out, as well as spotting all the creatures that had been hidden in the trees.
There were also lots of stalls to test your guessing skills, like guessing the weight of the mahooooooosively gigantic pumpkin, which Tom the Scientist tried to calculate using a scientific formula involving area, incapacity, volume, velocity and a Venn diagram!
It all sounded rather complicated to Nigel so when it came to the conkers in the cauldron and pine cones in the barrel, he just put the first number that came into his head and pretended not to hear Tom the Scientist tut at his randomness.
IMG_5583 - Copy
There were also popcorn, hot dogs, pumpkin soup, face painting and biscuits to decorate. Sadly Bertie’s biscuit didn’t get as much as a sniff of icing or sprinkles as he was more intent on just eating it, unadorned, but Iris spent a long time carefully decorating hers as Nigel stood on, proudly watching.
Copy of IMG_5584
Nigel also purchased a strip or two of raffle tickets as there were some VERY ample hampers of fruit and vegetables to be won, sadly on this occasion Lady Luck wasn’t looking down on him, but she did shine on Tom and the Lovely Laura …….
IMG_5587……… from which Nigel graciously accepted first pick on a cauliflower, giant red onion, cabbage, broccoli and a loaf of posh bread ……  well, it would have looked rude not to.
It was a lovely, lovely evening, ending with fish and chips when everyone got home …….. but it did however leave Nigel with one pressing question ………
……. what was the name of this strange vegetable Nigel spotted decorating one of the window ledges …….. we’ve certainly never partaken of it even on of our rigorous 5 a day regime ……..
…… and it could make an interesting addition ……….. should we be able to obtain one or two!  Mr D any educated suggestions from Mexico?????

Friday, 17 November 2017

Darrell’s Final Brush With Celebrity

On his way home from London via Paddington Station Darrell couldn’t help notice this “homage” to Paddington Bear ……..
……. and well, it would have been rude and not a little remiss not to take advantage of such a celebrity photo opportunity! 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Darrell ……. Out And About On The South Bank

Darrell didn’t really have that long in London, but still managed to have a bit of a look round the South Bank, somewhere he hadn’t really delved much before ……
…… everything he saw seemed to have an artistic bent ….
……. even what he thought were telephone wiring boxes (?)
And there were statues to find out more about once he’d got home, this one round the corner from The Tate Modern ………
Darrell very much appreciated the fact that people who live in posh flats in London have mahoooooooosive windows and no net curtains …… so he could have a good look at  admire their d├ęcor, his only regret was that he hadn’t got his binoculars on him, but noted this for his next visit.  What is he like?
There were plenty of flats for sale, Darrell reckoned that they were probably even more bijoux than the Towers, but cost goodness knows how many more millions ….. but in common, they both share spectacular views of rivers, The Thames and for us The Avon!
Talking of the Thames……. Darrell did notice that it had a bit of a beach and the tide was out, ……..
…… it did cross his mind to go down and see if he could find himself a holey stone …….
……. but time was against him and as a stranger to The Thames he wasn’t sure if it was prone to quicksand, and thought he’d best ask Hugh (who is currently having his eyelashes tinted in Marbella) before he ventured near.
And a final observation ……. on The South Bank they appear to bag up their leaves for collection, in Evesham we have a man with a blower, who just seems to have fun blowing said leaves every which way!!!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

A Haunting Sort Of Feeling

As you know Darrell always takes a keen interest in all the “art work” he finds in his various hotel rooms ……… but this picture that was in his Southwark hotel, while he was in London for The Apprentice  has been troubling him …… more than it really ought to have ……
He is absolutely certain that he has seen it before in a hotel room and it was recently …… which isn’t that surprising as Travelodge is, generally, our budget hotel of choice …….
…… and as it is a piece of said corporate art work it is featured in almost all of their room shots …… but poor Darrell just can’t remember exactly where it was that he stayed where he saw it first.
room art
I have told him, in no uncertain terms, that I think he needs a rest and no more trips to London or any other exotic clime for that matter, if he comes home wracking his brain over a picture …… which Nigel says should be entitled “Rudolph Coming Through The Snow” for obvious reasons!  It has to be said that Nigel does have Christmas on the brain at the moment, now that Halloween is over, but I can see what he means!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Succulent’s Akimbo

Darrell was very taken by the artistic use of the very en trend and de rigueur succulent outside the Hilton London Bankside during his stay in London.
We don’t have a garden at The Towers, and it’s something like this that does, occasionally, give Darrell and I the odd horticultural hankering.
It would be quite a statement to have outside one’s house, certainly one step up from a slate, ceramic or brass house sign ……. 
…….. but, just imagine how many said succulents it would  take to spell out the Castle Greysquirrel of our past  or our present Riverside Towers …… I think planting all that lot would soon put paid to any such hankerings, not to mention seriously damaging our finances!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Lest We Forget

Large remembrance poppies have been put on either side of the Workman Bridge in Evesham …….
……. it’s a thought provoking reminder of all those people who laid down their lives for our country, past and present, every time we cross it.
“Lest we forget”

Saturday, 11 November 2017

In Certain Circumstances Some Things Are Best Covered Up ….. Especially In Front Of Hotel Windows!

Darrell was very, very pleased with the location of his London hotel, it was a only humble Travelodge, but all he really needed on this trip was a bed for the night, no whistles and flutes, but a restaurant and a comprehensive menu never goes amiss.
The hotel was just a short walk from The South Bank and all it’s pleasures, and therefore there was no underground system to negotiate ……..
…… however, it has to be said, that the aforementioned underground/overground system was an awful lot closer than  perhaps  anticipated …….
……. but which a forever buoyant Darrell simply stated, complimented the high rise vista from his window …… to perfection!!!!
IMG_5612 Although, this being said, Darrell quickly came to the decision that as he could see right into the train carriages as they passed, if he, in turn stood in front of the window either in his vest and pants or with his towel wrapped round his waist after a shower, the people on the train could certainly see him too ……
IMG_5622 …… and he certainly didn’t want to risk being accused of any misdemeanour of an indecent exposure type nature, so he would stay fully clothed at all times in front of the window.  What is he like????  If not forward thinking and careful as far as people on a train seeing his body are concerned!