Saturday, 24 March 2018

Nigel Pays Homage To Ghostbusters

Nigel absolutely loves Ghostbusters, so it was only natural that he would want to pay homage to his favourite film by visiting the New York Public Library.
It did not disappoint ……
……. just being outside made Nigel go all goosebumpy ……
……… but walking in the steps of his heroes Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz and Egon Spengler was almost too much.
…….. here was Nigel on hallowed ground, drinking from the poshiest water fountain he had ever drunk from  …………. humming Ghostbusters
Image result for ghostbusters new york public library scene
……. making his way to the famous Rose Main Reading Room ……
al6 (2)
…….. nerves almost got the better of him, as he was felt a little afraid to go in …….
…… but he had come too far to back out now and soon found that the once uncontrollable urge to joyfully sing “ ……who you gonna call …..” at the top of his voice had subsided into a wonderful sense of awe and wonder ……. (thank goodness!).
Evesham library has its pleasures, like the bubble machine at the end of Music Rhythm and Rhyme, but Nigel had to admit that it just couldn’t compare to the overwhelming splendour of New York’s library.  But, Nigel thinks they have missed a trick by not offering a Ghostbusters Tour or any Ghostbuster type merchandise.
And, there was an unexpected bonus for Nigel  that had no link whatsoever to Ghostbusters in the Children’s Library ……….
…….. only the original stuffed animals on which the Winnie The Pooh stories were based.
Yet another magical and wonderful New York day for Nigel ………
…… without a single ghost in sight but with plenty of tingly, hair standing on end moments! Nigel felt he was truly blessed in a New York edition of Hello Magazine type way.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Nigel Tackles The New York Subway

Nigel thinks he has finally got to grips with the New York subway after he getting himself an unlimited travel pass, no mean task!
To start with it was a bit hit and miss, but now he says he can almost be called  a professional ………
au5 (1)au3
…….. it’s just all straight lines, and probably, he thinks, a even bit easier than the London underground …….
au5 (2)au5 (4)
………. just as long as you remember NOT to get on the Express train, he’s not sure why, but he says he’s not going to risk it!
au5 (3)
People are the same the whole world over and eye contact is rarely made, but Nigel is a terrible people watcher and is convinced that the gentleman sitting opposite him (in the above picture) was definitely someone incognito, the flat cap pulled down, the dark glasses, the almost certainly fake moustache plus the mac and newspaper, were all such giveaways, with Nigel almost 100% sure it was really Tom Cruise getting into character for his next film.  What on earth is he like?

Thursday, 22 March 2018

A Room With A View

By day and by night it has to be said that Nigel’s room on the 18th floor of his hotel has quite a view.
……. every time he looks out of the window he says he gets the tingles.
It’s a unique view that he knows he is unlikely to ever experience again.
In the day time it seems business like, with the Times Square and Broadway area of Manhattan lying before him, with the Hudson River in the distance ………
……. and then at night it turns into the most  twinkly, magical wonderland………
…… where he can watch people heading for the aforementioned Times Square, going for meals and queuing round the block for the various theatres.
Sometimes, he says the sheer hugeness of his dream coming true almost gets too much, to be honest, I don’t think, even now, he can actually believes where he really is.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

9/11 Ground Zero – One World Trade Centre

Nigel hadn’t really planned to visit Ground Zero/The World Trade Centre, but, when he realised it was very near to where he was, he decided that he would go to pay his respects. 
He didn’t feel that he could do any of the tours, what happened in 2001 was still too overwhelmingly horrific.
Too many people had died ………. and too many people had seen and been through the unbelievable ……
……… that at this time, for Nigel, just visiting one of the two Memorial Pools would be enough for him ……..
He took a few minutes to reflect and think of all the families whose hearts had been broken in such a cruel way, the lives that would never be the same again and the resilience of those who survived, witnessed, and risked their lives to save others …………
He then moved on, but not without with curiosity getting the better of him when he saw how mind blowing and eerily beautiful the Transportation Hub was ……………
………. words, he said, couldn’t describe just how ethereal and peaceful it was considering its purpose, both from the outside and the inside …….. but he did liken it to being what it must be like to be swallowed by a whale …….. I’ll leave it there!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

5th Avenue – And Not A Dollar Tree (Or Glue Gun) In Sight

Nigel has been a little remiss in not WhatsApping that many pictures of the designer window displays on 5th Avenue. Darrell had hoped, that via said pictures, he might spot a trend or two before it hit Evesham or perhaps something  that even Hugh, his best friend and mentor hadn’t had a chance to wear yet! What is he like?
But, as I explained to Darrell, you can take the boy out of Poundland, but, you can’t take Poundland out of the boy ….. all the glitter and pazzaz of Versace, Prada and Armani would most probably just go way over the little fella’s head.IMG_6857
However, I may have done Nigel a small injustice, as the display in the Dolce and Gabbana window did in fact catch Nigel’s eye, he was quite taken with an evening suit with silver and black sequin detail on the lapels, but had heeded my words before he’d left, that if something in a shop window doesn’t have a price tag on you can safely assume you can’t afford it.
He also thought Darrell ( …….and Hugh) might perhaps suit one or two choice items from the Dolce and Gabbana Sacred Heart and Poker Card range, but wisely used his phone data to check on the prices ……… and found that, for Darrell at least, £1,100 for a sweatshirt was a little on the exorbitant side.
He did however WhatsApp a picture to Darrell, saying that with all Darrell’s artistic and creative flair he could just as easily produce a similar sort of thing with a pack of fabric pens, flat backed gems, a few embroidered appliques like they have on the market and a glue gun!  I left Darrell to wrestle with that particular nugget!

Monday, 19 March 2018

Nigel – On Top Of The Rock

While Darrell and I have been enjoying the wintery riverside climes of Evesham ……….
……. Nigel has, at last, managed to get to the top of the Rockerfeller Center or Top of The Rock as it is known
He has had to keep putting it off as the inclement weather conditions in New York would have prevented anyone from getting any kind of a view. 
But early yesterday morning on seeing that the sun was finally shining and not a cloud in the sky, Nigel raced over to make sure he would be first in the queue.
It did not disappoint!
aaaaatop of rock4
Nigel beat the crowds and so could really embrace the experience without being jostled for the perfect photo opportunity.
It was truly breath-taking and another goose bumps, hair standing on end experience.
It was soooooooooooooooooooooooo worth the wait.
And, he found that if he looked carefully through the telescope he could even see the people on top of The Empire State Building!  What is he like?
On the first level of the Observation Deck there was a massive crystal geode wall created by Swarovski called “Radiance”, made of six hundred custom glass and crystal panels measuring one hundred and eighty feet wide.
Nigel thought it might be something for Darrell to consider scaling down, if ever he decides to redecorate the hall, or perhaps scale down even  more to create a spectacular and very different decorative panel for behind the bed in their room!  ……….. I think not!
There was also a retail opportunity in what has to be the highest shop Nigel has ever been in, it was a little bit expensive, so Nigel limited himself to just a pencil ……..
…….. to remember a very wonderful morning. 
aaaaatop of rock 2aaaaatop of rock
Father Christmas done good yet again!