Thursday, 21 September 2017

The End Of An All Be It Short Era …..

As you know Darrell always makes it de rigueur when returning from our Greek Odysseys to bring back a couple of pertinent local beauty products in his suitcase, in an effort, he says, to make the holiday feeling last just that  little bit longer.
IMG_4782This year his Greek products of hair care choice were of a Donkey Milk and Argan Oil type nature.

They have served and lasted him well ………. his hair has indeed been well nourished and hydrated and with no accompanying donkey aroma, since early June…….
……. but now they have sadly run out and so for Darrell the holiday is now finally well and truly over ……..
IMG_4783…… and it’s back to the TREsemme until our next odyssey ……. what is he like?

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

A Rose Spelt By Any Other Way ……

I am pretty laid back about most things, life is just too short but I have to admit that there is a tiny little something that does occasionally get to me, and that’s the “fashion” for making new names from old, or being named after a seemingly random, person, place or thing, anything seems to go these days, too many to quote here. We saw a girl called Lemon at the X Factor Boot camp (watch out for her!) But it’s  funny how Brooklyn, Paris and India are all so romantic, whereas Wolverhampton or Kidderminster just don’t have that same ring (……. not yet anyway).
IMG_0020For me, this poster was a perfect example of the name changing trend, in my day this young, bespectacled lady would have been called Sue or Suzy/Susie  shortened perhaps from Susan or Suzanne etc. other derivatives available ……
IMG_0022……. but now she is “Sioux”, an Native American Tribe, shortened, as I am sure Mr D will inform us from the name Nadouessioux. But, I bet she still started off as a Susan and then decided to go all a la mode of a name type nature.
IMG_0021As for throwing letters up in the air to make a new name, well, I have seen the already modern name of Chelsea now spelt Chelci …….. so, in the spirit of all new trends that I cannot change ……. am now considering re-jigging my name and becoming Munnquay!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Nigel’s Fruit Of Mystery Update

Nigel’s fruit of mystery from the other week certainly got a few heads scratching, but no definitive answers, so the first thing Nigel did when we got back from Swindon was to go and get a few to dissect in a Tom the Scientist type manner, to see if said fruit would give up any more clues/answers.
On arrival at the tree spot Nigel said that an awful lot of said “fruit” had fallen, lying prostate prostrate on the ground, an indication, perhaps, that it was ripe?
IMG_4773And when Nigel got home, laden with his samples, Darrell helped the little fella to prepare the dissecting area, the board and the blade ……..
IMG_4775I think we have found the answer, but still with questions left to ask. The fruit contained no mass of seeds, like, for example, a pomegranate as some readers had thought, in truth they looked, felt and tasted (yes we did, very tentatively) like very tiny oval apples ……. which I think we can now safely assume they are.
IMG_4776But why are they so small, did the tree experience a traumatic event in the spring as the blossom was forming that stunted their growth, but, if this is actually their normal size, why so small, are they a known breed, and if so what is their generic name?
I think Nigel has decided to lay the matter to rest until this time next year when he can see what size they are then, but until then Nigel’s mystery fruit will probably go down in our anals annals of history as Nigel’s Evesham Fruit Enigma of 2017.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Time To Bid A Fond Farewell To Swindon.

Sadly it’s time to bid a fond farewell to the pleasures of Swindon and head back to The Towers, but not before availing ourselves of one last sample of Swindon’s finest Holiday Inn cuisine …….
IMG_4579…….. no, not an extra large dollop of caviar ……. as you might have expected …….
IMG_4581…….. but a more humble platter of their most acceptable giant couscous …….. nom, nom, nom!  What are we like?

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Our Holiday Inn Express Room

I don’t think we have stayed in many Holiday Inns, if any, and although the name conjures up visions of Danny Kaye and Fred Astaire kicking up their heels, whimsical flurries of snow and romantic festive crooning, our room, sadly, did not reflect this ideal, there wasn’t a Christmas Tree or a ladies muff in sight.
IMG_4574IMG_4575However, we did get an iron, an ironing board and a hairdryer in a bag marked hairdryer ……..
IMG_4651We didn’t get a large, obligatory “hotel” type picture on any of the walls, instead we got some rather large wooden knobs.  We think they were of a decorative purpose rather than anything functional, as the top one was far too high up for a coat for example, and if you did manage to get your coat up there and you’d been caught in a shower of rain, it would have undoubtedly marked the walls …… so really, who needs a series of useless knobs in their room?
We were not very taken by the main light either. Darrell said it could possibly be very on trend, but he’d have to check with Hugh. To me, the uninitiated, it just looked like the electrician had fitted it with a cord that was too long and had added a makeshift hook in an effort to shorten it!  But, what do I know?
However, Darrell, in turn, was very taken by the hospitality tray (note to self - no biscuits included) with its square caddy divided into sections for tea, coffee, sugar etc. and wondered if it would be possible to purchase something similar for our guest room back at The Towers.
IMG_4638Darrell is all about the detail, and if he can’t find a similar hospitality tray to grace said guest room, he said he will certainly be looking for some disposable coasters or perhaps a doily or two in the meantime for inadvertent drips.
The bathroom was perfectly sound, but no little complimentary bath products which we all so greatly appreciate,  there was just the now de rigeuer dispensers pumping out a “one product cleans all” type confection The angled mirrors however impressed Darrell, who was able to study his profile and hair from every position ……. and at great length, bless him. Happy Days!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Spooky Goings On ……… With A Logical Answer

Last night, as Darrell entered our room he said he had suddenly come over all funny, saying that he had felt a very distinct weird sort of sensation as soon as he came in, despite only being on the Diet Coke all evening.
IMG_4635 He said it felt as if the floor was undulating under his feet.
IMG_4641He then tried standing in other spots in the room …… 
IMG_4642……. and could still feel it ……
IMG_4572…… so I stood very still too and yes, I could feel the strange undulations too.
IMG_4646Then Darrell lay on the bed ……. and within a few seconds could again detect some sort of rippling activity, which Nigel confirmed when he decided to join him.
IMG_4647The movement had really lasted too long to be anything of a seismic type nature and we quickly ruled out any kind of spooky spiritual activity by ringing reception and them being able to categorically confirm that the hotel had not been built on top of any medieval plague pits, monasteries or battle fields.
IMG_4645And then Nigel got up and slowly ambled over to the window ….. and pointed out that there was certainly nothing untoward going on in our room, we were in fact right next to the motorway, and all the undulations we could feel were, in fact, the vibration from the heavy traffic that was running alongside. 
Well done Nigel, we could have so easily embarrassed ourselves by asking to be moved to a “more stable” room.  What are we like? But I still can’t help wondering if Darrell is also still experiencing a few of  after effects from Hank and Marvin’s room the other night!!!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Nigel’s Secret Fascination

Darrell and I like to keep Nigel as far away of a hotel’s corridors while any vacated rooms are being serviced ……
IMG_4657……. because he has a hypnotic fascination for a housekeeping trolley.
IMG_4655It’s not the lure of the fleeting thrill and prospect of helping himself to the odd extra sachet of coffee, milk pod or free pen ……
IMG_4658…… we managed to wean him off doing that a very long time ago ……
IMG_4654…….it’s just catching a glimpse of this sort of thing (above) on said trolley, that makes his insatiable hotel curiosity go into overdrive ………
IMG_4653Now, are those our, the customers, “deadly sins”, and if so, what are the consequences, if any, when we leave? Or are they enormous faux pas in room servicement, that have consequences for the housekeeping staff if they do/leave them? The pictures are a little ambiguous and confusing to the uninitiated, to wit one Nigel. I just wish he hadn’t spotted it, as he’s now been mulling over it’s meaning for far longer than is really healthy, what is he like?

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dianne our Beloved Friend from Florida ..........

Our beloved friend and daily commenter Dianne has been very much in our thoughts this past week or so as we knew that she was in direct line for Hurricane Irma, and since it hit we haven't heard from her.  We sent her an e-mail just before and this is what she told us ..........

" Hi Boys, it is a very frightening time and there isn't a safe place to go in Florida.....we know the overwhelming damage that usually occurs  plus the terror when we are in the middle of it; anyone who has experienced a hurricane understands they are unbelievably LOUD and do create pure terror ....we can expect about 12 to 18 hours of screaming howling noise,  blinding rain and up to 100 mph wind  before it settles down to heavy rain and about 40 mph wind.......the main worry for most is their house being flooded and the roof blowing off.......doing our best to deal with whatever comes our way;  but when it is finally over, a new set of problems begin.  No electricity means no grocery, no gas stations, no banking or any way to get cash, restaurants closed; they all depend on electricity to operate.  Gas pumps need electricity to pump gas; hospitals  have priority for electric repair service and then  commercial areas. Residential areas are last; they can be weeks and even months waiting.  We are about 35 miles inland from the Atlantic , above Orlando and several hundred miles from Miami.....Thank you so very much for thinking of us; it is gratefully appreciated!
 We are hoping for something favourable to lessen the impact, but they continue to show the eyewall plowing it's way up the middle of  Florida ............
Much Love to All, Dianne"

As soon as we hear anything more we will let you know ....... we are praying that Dianne and Doug (Mr Dianne) are safe and their home and neighbourhood has not suffered too much damage, it will just be such a relief to hear from them again.  xxxxxxxx

A Room ……. With A View!!!

Hank, Marvin, Sammy and Norm have now all left to return home, leaving just  us. We were perhaps a little remiss in not taking any pictures, but it just didn’t seem right at the time ….. there were too many people to hug, tears to wipe away, and noses to blow, coupled with the fervent promises sandwiched in between to do it all again this time next year ……. therefore we will leave it here and simply say ……… it was emotional!
IMG_4569And, so as not to pylon any more agony than is absolutely necessary and help lighten the mood a little ………
IMG_4567……. we give you, instead, a picture of the glorious view from our room which we have all come to embrace, what are we like?

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A Shark In Our Midst?

It seems that The Ever Fragrant and very LOVELY Sammy is something of a Card Queen on the quiet ……
IMG_4607…… and though very much strangers to a deck of cards ourselves, it would have looked most rude not to join in with a hand or two when invited …… a last get together before everyone, very sadly, had to wend their ways back home.
IMG_4610However, it soon became very apparent just how serious and  “professional” Sammy and Norm actually were  ……
IMG_4606 …… and reversely, how inept Darrell, Nigel and I were, not having a clue what we were doing …….
IMG_4604 …… perhaps it was Nigel’s going “snap”, which didn’t go down too well, that gave us away in the end!
So, we were soon relegated to the side-lines, which was still great fun, watching Sammy very quickly strip everyone of their chocolate button stakes.
IMG_4603Fragrant though she may be, beneath all the pink, flowers, lace, beads and froth, Sammy is quite the shark, but only in the very nicest possible sort of way of course ……… however, Darrell, Nigel and I have now resolved to hone our card skills in the future, so that we won’t be found quite so lacking, should we ever be invited to play cards again!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Photocall For All Convention Delegates In Five Minutes Please!

After the night before …… it took quite a while for all of us to get back to our own rooms to freshen up, put on our convention t-shirts and generally make ourselves look vaguely human and presentable …….
One by one we all stumbled our way down to the guest lounge ……
…….. and all, in turn, assuring a worried Hank and Marvin that they had nothing to apologise for, their “hospitality” had been the icing on a wonderful cake of a “convention” type nature as far as we were all concerned ……..
IMG_4600  …….. and something, when the paracetamols had kicked in and our heads cleared, we would all look back on and talk about very, very fondly indeed.
IMG_4593Having so many monkeys staying in one hotel  also proved somewhat of a novelty to the hotel staff and guests (well, perhaps not to the guests in the rooms either side of Hank and Marvin’s), so our photocall took rather longer than we had anticipated, as everyone wanted to take their own photos as well, I think, perhaps, we may have almost gone viral!
IMG_4613After said photocall we had then planned to hit the sights and shops of Swindon, but general consensus had it that perhaps we should to stay where we were and chill. Darrell said that he would much prefer to just sit and keep his head as still as possible for a while, if Swindon indeed had a castle or other such attraction it could remain a mystery to him for a little longer as far as he was concerned.
So there we stayed, with Sammy asking the hotel staff if they wouldn’t mind turning the TV over to the Create and Craft channel seeing as no one else was in the lounge with us at the time ……. (all no doubt out visiting Swindon Castle!!!!!)
IMG_4617And then Nigel ordered a stuffed crust pizza with extra pepperoni! I have to say we all politely refrained from his offer to share …… and then equally as politely asked if he wouldn't mind eating his pizza just a little away from us, just this once!!!!!